Monday, January 21, 2008

Francis Ford Coppola knew his daughter would become a director by the time she was 3.

"My wife and I were driving in the car with Sofia and we were having a typical silly marital argument that was going on a little too long. All of a sudden this little voice in the back seat said, 'Cut!' She knew how to use that word at a very early age."

Later, when Sofia was about 6, on the set of her dad's film "Apocalypse Now" she would draw elaborate pictures of palm trees and helicopters and tell stories connecting the pictures.

"She was a very imaginative child," says her mother Eleanor Coppola. "But when she played with her friends, she always wanted them to play her way — her story, her costumes. And I would have to say, 'Sofia, not everyone wants to play your way.' But the kids, inevitably, did want to play Sofia's way. She had that pattern of somehow gathering everyone's enthusiasms, which is very much like a director."

Too cute.

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