Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sofia's girls: Volume II

Scarlett, the other Sofia girl?

Much have been said about their relationship as Scarlett was almost not present on the 'Lost in Translation' DVD extras and after Sofia forgot to thank her during her acceptance speech at the Academy Awards. When asked Scarlett said:

"That's not true at all. Sofia was lovely. She was accepting for screenwriting, and Bill basically wrote a lot of it. Sofia came up to me afterward and said, 'Oh, I'm such an ass, I forgot!' I was like, 'It's OK; it doesn't bother me.' If she was accepting for directing, then it probably would have bothered me. But, um, it didn't."

I don't think they had a rocky relationship or whatever because Scarlett would have said it, as she openly did when she said that Bill Murray and her didn't have much contact after shoots just because they did different things, and Sofia has always talked pretty nicely of her so I hope there's no drama and they work together again because that would be interesting. Way more interesting? Sofia directing both Kirsten and Scarlett together.

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