Wednesday, March 11, 2009

bag lady

Sofia at the Louis Vuitton launch party in Tokyo in December 2008, she looks amazing and classy! That wallet is one of her designs, you can take another look at her LV collection here: :***


  1. ooooh girl! what a super nice surprise, this already looks gorgeous and i loved my pic for the blog! gonna post one of yours too but i have to choose it yet. now you will always have a space yeah :) and what about the film?? everyone seems to like it so i cant wait to see it, gotta wait for that mail of yours. you're really welcome here ella, i will comment you these news later at the flog but she really looked great at this event!

    well, im happy that you're part of the blog thing now too, tons of hugs for you my hon! :)

  2. yay, welcome to the blog world! :)
    your blog is going to be just as gorgeous as the fotolog. if you need help with anything, i'm here!

    aw, i loved the pic for my blog! i made an icon to link yours using this picture of sofia in tokyo... see if you like it! and i adore your fotolog so of course i had to mention you whenever i posted those pictures! :p

    buch of kisses and hugs, dear :*