Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"My dad did this summer where he wanted us all to do one-act plays. It was called Creativity Camp, and we had to all make something. It was my dad's place, so the cousins were all there. We were kind of bitching about it. That's when I first worked with Jason [Schwartzman], I asked him to be in my play, and he stole the whole show. That's when we realized that Jason was an actor. When my friend Wes Anderson was casting 'Rushmore' I said, 'Oh you have to meet my cousin Jason'".

And that's how Jason started to be an actor.

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  1. thanks to sofia... this guy is a hottie, hes such a nerd but i like it that way :) and i wont be leaving until two weeks so we have plenty of time cutie.

    big kiss ella!