Monday, April 27, 2009

somewhere there was stephen dorff

So, I did a little research and turns out Sofia and his lead in 'Somewhere' Stephen Dorff are old friends. Infact, he even supported Sofia's and Zoe Cassavettes' clothing line Milkfed, got to post some pics of that soon.

Some of you said that the new film is not going to focus in a girl as Sofia's projects usually do but remember 'Lost in Transaltion'? the protagonist was Bob Harris but there was Charlotte, a great Sofia girl, so I'm sure little darling Elle Fanning will have all the charm of the Sofia's femmes, and who knows if there will be even more. Anxious to know more details about 'Somewhere'!

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  1. wow! i sure didnt know that. thanks for this and keep up the great blog !