Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Phoenix darling

Sofia and some hipster were spotted at the Phoenix concert in L.A. on 28th June, of course she was supported her man's band! And she was there with her new leading man Stephen Dorff, how do I know? because /mycellardoor is the luckiest guy ever and met them at that concert! Look at that great pic, if it happened to me, I dieeee.


  1. wow! What a surprise, did not know that Sofia had nine trouserpress is handsome, I saw him the flog your source, I think the most beautiful Sofia, in this picture, sorry for not commenting before in English, my English is not good, I hope that understand my comment! xD! Kisses

  2. me encanto tu blog (L) y amo las peliculas de sofia son tan hermosos
    saludos :D