Friday, August 21, 2009

an american girl in paris

Where do you live now?

"I live between Paris and New York. I came to Paris two years ago, just before my daughter was born.I still go back to New York, but I enjoy being here when I am. But sometimes I miss my American girlfriends, and how much easier it is to do something in your own country where you know the language and culture."

How has becoming a mother changed you and your way of life?

"It has made me slow down and take time. I would never before have sat at a park for an hour in the middle of having work."

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  1. Girl, you're not crazy!! :) I had the pic of Sofia in my blog, but I changed it cause I was going to post it some day soon... anyway, here is the pic for you, is a lovely pic of a young Sofia:

    I adore this pic you've posted. And it has to be amazing to live between Paris and New York, and she seems so proud of being a mother.

    kisses dear!!