Sunday, August 2, 2009

First image of 'Somewhere's on set, this girl who was cast in the movie has uploaded a few on her Flick, so check them out:

And this is the film's protagonist Stephen Dorff talking about the movie:

"I really think it’s probably the best part I’ve ever been given. I’ve known Sofia for a long time, since I was growing up, and we’ve been friends from kind of a distance. I was blown away when all that excitement happened over her for Lost in Translation. It’s exciting when it happens to one of your peers, someone you care about. Over the years I had worked with her dad [Francis Ford Coppola], workshopping some of the things he was directing. I’m really lucky to have the opportunity to work with Sofia. Somewhere takes place in the Chateau Marmont—I’m going to be moving in there soon. I’ll actually be living there as we shoot, which is kind of cool. My character is going through some kind of personal crisis."

I hope more news come out soon, everything is so quiet in the Sofia world now that I don't know what to post! Much love dears!

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  1. yes more new photos and stuff.
    i'm really exciting for this movie.