Monday, April 19, 2010

The Virgin Suicides - trivia (II)

- Kathleen Turner, who plays Mrs. Lisbon, played Sofia's older sister in 'Peggy Sue Got Married' (1986) Francis Ford Coppola.

- Alicia Silverstone was offered the role of Mary Lisbon, but turned it down.

- Chelsea Swain, who plays Bonnie Lisbon, is sister of 'Lolita' actress Dominique Swain.

- Sofia directed her first movie at the same time she was planning her wedding to director Spike Jonze.

- The narrator of the movie is Giovanni Ribisi, close friend of Sofia who she directed in 'Lost in Translation'.

- Robert Schwartzman, who plays Paul Bandino, is Sofia's cousin and member of indie band Rooney.


  1. ooh i love Alicia Silverstone but the movie was perfect anyway.

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  3. Interesting to know that the Virgin Suicides and Lolita have some sort of connection. Btw, I love Sophia Coppola! Hope she's making more movies soon.

  4. Peggy Sue is one of my faves films from Coppola, Kathleen was really great in it :) And I didn't know that Chelsea Swain was Dominique's sister! The truth it's that now that I know it I can see the resemblance... they're both quite cute ;)
    Love the pic you've posted from TVS, Kirsten was so beautiful as Lux (L) I'm re-reading the novel right now, second time that I'm reading it, and I think Sofia did a great job adaptating it.

    kisses dear!

  5. This trivia made me knew more about this amazing movie, I really enjoyed this. And, great blog.