Saturday, July 31, 2010

dior director

It's been a while but there was no Sofia news until now! Sofia is directing yet another ad campaign for Dior with its newest face that it's none other than... Natalie Portman!!!

Here there are some pics of the shooting in Paris and I'm very happy because I love Natalie and I bet this ad is going to be gorgeous, let's hope it doesn't take too long for this campaign to be out.


  1. Wow that's really great news! I love Natalie too, she's gorgeous and look amazing with that black dress, I'm sure it's gonna be an awesome ad.
    Btw, I thought you'd like these pics of Sofia, in case you haven't seen them before:

    kisses dear!

  2. this is amazing! I really want to see this ad, and knowing that Natalie Portman is going to be in it makes me even more excited.