Saturday, September 4, 2010

somewhere at venice

The movie has premiered at the Venice Film Festival with its glorious trio (Sofia, Elle and Stephen) and it got very positive reviews! This is the one I liked best:

Sofia Coppola’s 'Somewhere' is a quiet heartbreaker. Trading 'Lost in Translation’s' Tokyo hotel for Beverly Hills’ Chateau Marmont, the ever-perceptive writer-director further hones her gifts for ruefully funny observation and understated melancholy with this low-key portrait of a burned-out screen actor. - Variety

That's such good news and the three of them looked so great! Little Ellen is nearly taller than Sofia and Stephen and she's only 12! More pics from Venice: celebrity-gossip

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  1. Oh what a lovely trio! Sofia was gorgeous with that black dress and those shoes, and she was really beautiful during the press conference too. I saw her with Thomas on the red carpet and both of them looked stunning. And Elle is really cute, love her blue dress.

    I've been reading the reviews and the one from Variety was my favorite too. I have only seen one bad review from The Guardian, but the guy who wrote it said he didn't like her previous films either, so I guess the guy has really bad taste haha :) I'm sure I'm gonna love the film. Sofia has said that some of the scenes between the father and daughter are based on her travels with her father, so I can't wait to watch that ;)