Sunday, September 12, 2010

venice's golden lion for 'somewhere'!!!

OMFG, 'Somewhere' has won the top prize at the Venice Film Festival, that is the Golden Lion for the best movie in the festival, how amazing is this!? The president of the jury, Quentin Tarantino said it had been an unanimous decision from all the jury:

"It enchanted us from the first and it grew and grew in our hearts, in our analysis, in our minds and affections. We kept coming back to it in discussions, even when talking about other films, because we found it kept illustrating what we were looking for in the winner of our Golden Lion."

Quentin was the one who gave the award to Sofia and it was a very touching moment as they dated some years ago and remain close friends, watch it here: [ Speech video ]

Sofia was really moved and now I REALLY CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE! Congrats to Sofia!!


  1. hey I loved your blogspot! I love Sofia Coppola! .. and well about The imaginarium of doctor parnassus.. damn you really need to see that film. I have the dvd and i watched million times hehe. xoxo from Cancun Mexico!

  2. Oh girl I was so glad for Sofia and the ceremony was really touching, because she and Quentin looked adorable together :) I love him even more now, 'cause he seems to be a really kind-hearted guy ^^
    I'm really happy with this last venice festival, 'cause Sofia won and Vincent Gallo also won the Volpi cup for best actor and I love his acting.

    And I'm like you, I can't wait to see Somewhere, I'm sure is gonna be amazing!