Friday, October 29, 2010

father/daughter relationships:

"I don't know, I was thinking about becoming a parent for the first time when I was writing 'Somewhere', so it was on my mind, but it's true, 'Lost in Translation' has that. I like that memorable and romantic relationships can exist in an innocent way."

Can't wait for 'Somewhere'!



  1. Oh this pic is totally adorable (L) I can't wait to watch the film I'm sure Stephen and Elle are perfect as father and daugther ;)

    big kisses dear!

  2. Did you notice that Elle is wearing the same top/sweater in this picture as Sofia is wearing below in the candid NYC street shot where she is walking with her girls? Weird.

  3. deary, i've awarded your blog!


  4. I like u blog,is excellent!,good day! kisses ;)

  5. wow that is such a great pic!!

    I am beyond excited to see the movie

    great blog - sofia coppola is my idol!!

    i am writing a piece on sofia in my blog:

    lovess xxxxx