Sunday, October 10, 2010

Women in Hollywood

Sofia appears on ELLE's US November 2010 spread:

"When I appeared in 'Godfather III'. I had never wanted to be an actress, and I was 18, and being criticized for ruining my dad’s movie was a hard thing. But I also think it makes you stronger. I felt that I could handle things after that. John Huston told me when I was very young, “Not everyone is going to like you,” he said, “so don’t try to get everyone to.” And that was so liberating."

Thankully she didn't give up her dream of directing!


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  1. Thankfully! :) 'Cause she's become a genius in terms of directing (L) John Huston was an amazing director and he gave Sofia a really wise advice. And Sofia looks beyond beautiful in that photo, I love her hair. By the way, I agree with what you've said in my last entry, I'm really glad that the role of Charlotte went to Scarlett, 'cause I can't picture anyone else in that role ^^
    big kisses dear!