Wednesday, December 29, 2010

30min with sofia coppola

Sofia talks 'Somewhere':

- She talks about wanting to make something more personal and intimate after 'Marie Antoinette'.

- She feels like a part-time famous person.

- Even though her films are connected, she hopes to grow in her work.

- She's glad that there's an audience that likes the type of films she does.

- She's not a yeller on set.

- She tries not to read reviews.

- She understands that people feel curious and keeps asking her about 'The Godfather 3' after 20 years.

- She hasn't really watched her movies and doesn't want to change anything of them because that's part of their personalities.

- She finds scary to put herself out there when she makes an original script.

- She likes when people notices small details of her movies and connects with them.

- She liked 'The Social Network' and it's excited to see 'Black Swan'.


1 comment:

  1. She has a really loyal audience. Some of my friends, with whom I share some interests, love their films as much as I do, and it's a curious because the people who really loves her films loves all her filmography, one more than the others but they apreciate all she has done ;)