Tuesday, December 28, 2010

it's a coppola thing

This is a little gift for you all to wish you a Happy New Year, it's a photo of Sofia with little Romy on her arms while filming a scene for 'Somewhere'.

Many of you wouldn't recall but when he was filming, Francis Ford Coppola used to bring Sofia to his movie sets when she was a little girl, just like Sofia is doing now with Romy, isn't that an adorable family tradition? I bet Romy and Sofia's other daughter Cosima will love cinema as much as their family does.


  1. that is just sooo cute! I seriously can't wait to watch "Somewhere" (it usually takes a while until they release foreign films in Spain...)


  2. oh, it's so sweet <3
    happy new year!

  3. Great blog. I heart Sofia too. I just did a post about Sofia a couple days ago. Hopefully you like it.

    :), luckynumber3.com

    (it was on New Year's Eve)

  4. I've felt in love with this photo, how can it be sooo beautiful? :) I showed it to my mother, 'cause she is a big fan of Francis and Sofia's work and she told me the same you said, that this reminds her of the pictures of Francis bringing little Sofia at work ;) They're a really adorable family.

    kisses dear and happy new year!

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