Tuesday, March 29, 2011

marie-antoinette trivia (l)

Since there are no new Sofia news, I will continue with the movie trivia:

- This movie was going to be produced before 'Lost in Translation' (2003), but while Sofia was writing the screenplay struggling with historical truth and an imposing gallery of characters, she started creating another story in order to distract herself from the difficult enterprise. This parallel project - a small Japanese story - became 'Lost in Translation', whose planetary success revamped the 'Marie-Antoinette' production.

- Ladurée was chosen by Sofia Coppola to make all of the brightly colored pastries and cakes for the film.

- Sofia had originally wanted Angelina Jolie for the role of Madame Du Barry, but turned it down to star in 'The Good Sheperd', then Catherine Zeta-Jones was considered. The role eventually went to Asia Argento.

- Jason Schwartzman, who plays King Louis XVI, is Sofia's cousin.

- Was ranked #3 on US Weekly's "Top Ten Films of 2006".

- The men playing guitars in the scene with a woman signing for Marie are members of the group Phoenix, the lead singer of which is dating Sofia and is father of her daughters Romy and Cosima.


  1. Wow I'm so glad that Lost in translation came to her mind while she was relaxing from the historical research and all the stuff for Marie Antoinette, 'cause thanks to that she created a master-piece ;)

    I like Asia more as Madame Du Barry, I think she's a great actress, a bit underrated and that she did a great job in the film.
    And I knew about Phoenix on the film... I love them a lot, I think I've told you before, they're one of my favorite bands, I love Thomas' voice a lot ^^ And Jason is such a great singer too, and a great actor, and was perfect in his role.

    kisses dear! :***