Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lost in Translation - trivia (II)

Sofia wrote the script with Kirsten Dunst in mind to play Charlotte but she was attached to 'Spiderman' so Sofia opted for Scarlett Johansson after seeing her in 'Manny & Lo', a movie Johansson filmed when she was 12.

At the New York Bar/Grill in the Park Hyatt hotel, one "Lost in Translation" theme drink called L.I.T. is available.

Scarlett was reluctant to wear sheer underwear
at first, until Sofia modelled them for her.

The conversation between the two men in the Sauna (near the end of the film) goes something like this:
- I can hardly eat papayas anymore!
- At first I was really happy ... at first, I thought ... well I thought...
- At the beginning, yes.
- In Germany, I was looking forward to it, but in the meantime...
- Yeah. Now, something German...
- Hmmmm.
- After this, we'll go out and get something German to eat here!

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