Sunday, December 19, 2010

somewhere between a vampire & a hollywood story

A gorgeous portrait of the 'Somewhere' trio. Want to know what was Sofia's original project before writing this movie? A vampire story!

"It's sort of embarrassing. After 'Marie Antoinette', I was thinking, Oh, I feel like it's time for a vampire movie. So I was writing this vampire story, and then that character [Hollywood star] came in. It was before 'Twilight' and all that stuff. Yeah, he came into the story, but it was all set in Europe. And then I was writing the character of the daughter, and I asked my friend's daughter what books she would be reading, and she was explaining to me the plot of 'Twilight', and I didn't know what it was. So that's why we have the daughter talking about that in the movie."

And then life imitated art, because Sofia was approached to direct the final 'Twilight' installment, 'Breaking Dawn'! Luckily she turned that project into 'Somewhere' but it's quite a funny story.

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  1. That was a funny story! I'm sure she'd do a great vampire film, I'm sure his father after having directed Dracula could gave her some good advice hehe. But I think this story would be more interesting, 'cause we've had enough of vampire stuff for a while with all the twilight crazyness. But if she does it in the future, I'm sure it would be a pretty cool movie.